Hamilton Engagement Photos | Tim + Jesse

Hamilton Engagement Photos

Jesse and Tim’s Hamilton engagement photos at Princess Point last fall was incredibly fun.  Yep, we’re definitely playing a little catch-up here in the blog department.  These two cats are just amazing to watch as they ooze love from every pore.  They clearly don’t take themselves too seriously and spent most of the session laughing and embracing everything we threw at them.  Despite the abundance of humour, we were able to capture a few more intimate moments as well.

Jesse is from the Hamilton area and Tim is a resident Niagara winemaker originally hailing from the land down under.  The beautiful Australia!  Boy it would be nice to be there right about now, wouldn’t it?  We can’t wait to shoot your wedding at Hernder Estates in a few short months.  It’s gonna be EPIC!

You are loved!
Shane & Jenny

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