Niagara Wedding Photography | Moore

We left home bracing ourselves for the arduous ninety second drive to Bissell’s Hideaway for Brett & Sarah’s wedding.  We were fired up for this one because we love Bissell’s, and Brett & Sarah are pretty dang awesome too… 😉  If you remember this couple from their e-session, you’ll know that their living situation mirrors ours which is pretty crazy.  We both live at a camp that produces maple syrup… what are the odds?  Like us, they also have fun and laid back personalities (Yes! we’re FUN!) which made their wedding day amazing.  Finally we found a couple who was cool enough to let us drive around the countryside looking for shooting locations that inspired us.  Thanks for that!  The day was excellent and so was the food by Feastivities Events & Catering.  And a special thanks to Sarah’s sister for “letting” her kids partake in mudfest… lol.  You guys are a wonderful couple and sharing in your wedding day was an absolute pleasure.  You two are gonna be a great team.

Shane & Jenny

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