Niagara Wedding Photography | Keighan

Mike and Allyson have great taste when it comes to weddings.  They chose the historic Queenston Chapel for their ceremony, the restaurant at Queenston Heights for their reception and spent the day being shuttled around in two pretty sweet rides from Niagara Classic Cars.   We were happy to see our old friend “Cloud 9” again, as it was the same car we shared on our wedding day!  These two are blessed to have many caring people in their lives and we truly enjoyed spending the day with them.  We are also very thankful to have narrowly missed being swarmed by yellow jackets during our portrait time with the newlyweds.  I (Jenny) did get stung twice but it could’ve been much worse especially with Allyson being allergic.  In all fairness, it was my idea for Shane to climb up on that wall where the nest was.  And again, thanks to Mike and Allyson for being adventurous – a quality we love in our clients!

Shane & Jenny

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