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Niagara Photographer

When I (Shane) first started shooting years ago, it was all about creating art.  It was about going into nature and seeing God’s raw created beauty all around me, and shooting simply for the love of shooting.  It was about finding interesting people and collaborating with them to make something epic.

Fast forward a few years and I still LOVE what I do.  I’m so thankful to enjoy a photography career in the Niagara Region with the person I love most.  And… I’m still passionate about creating timeless photos together that our clients love.  But sometimes when you do something for a living, and it becomes all about deadlines, client expectations, and making money to provide a living for your family… something gets lost in translation.  Sometimes I have to get out and shoot and create solely for me.  This is life-giving for me (photography-wise), and beneficial for our clients as well.  It allows me to refresh and re-inspire my original passion for photography.  This shoot exemplifies one of those early days that inspired me to be a Niagara Photographer.

I woke up early on this particular weekend to my son saying “Dad, you gotta see this!”.  He knows how much I get fired up about the innate quality and beauty that comes from radiant glowing fog permeating everything.  It takes an ordinary scene and makes it extraordinary, right?  So this day I grab some freshly baked chocolate chip muffins (my wife rules), some chocolate bars (dairy milk), a home-made hot cocoa (by now you can clearly see I have an addiction), my camera bag (necessity), and disappeared into the thick dense fog.  This went on for two days straight.   I was living in my van on a perpetual sugar rush and rushing in a frantic state of urgency as the sun could come out at any moment and ruin the fog-ography session.  Drivers must’ve thought I was pretty much crazy, but I was obliviously lost in what I was doing.

I hope you dig the images.  I personally love the images, but not nearly as much as the freedom and excitement I felt during the two days of shooting this fog magic! If you need a  Niagara Photographer you know where to find me.


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