Niagara Engagement Photographer | Wesley + Elizabeth

Brace yourself it’s a long one (well long for us)… but well worth the read.

We met Elizabeth a short time ago at our consultation and couldn’t help but wonder where Wesley was. After all we’ve been doing this a while and they both always come. Soon into our conversation Elizabeth told us that he couldn’t make it because he had rehabilitation therapy. She then went on to share their story with us which is nothing short of horrifying yet equally amazing.

Growing up Elizabeth was the best friend of Wesley’s youngest sister. Just like in every after school special she had a major crush on him but thought he’d never be interested in her. In August of 2010 she made her move and spent the whole summer flirting with him so he’d unmistakably know where she stood. By the end of summer, the somewhat shy Wes made his boldest move and reached over and held her hand for the first time. And wouldn’t you know it, two weeks later they decided to start dating. Love was in the air and they couldn’t get enough of each other. They talked about everything under the sun and were quickly becoming best friends. As amazing as this was she was also quick to admit that, like the rest of us, their relationship had its up and downs.

June 7th, 2012 at 1:35am things were forever changed in an instant. Wes was a passenger in a car with two friends that was in a terrible accident. His friends thankfully sustained only minor injuries (in comparison). For Wes his condition was so severe they immediately airlifted him to Hamilton General. Horrific didn’t even begin to describe the mind numbing situation at hand. Wes was put into a medically induced coma for 13 days which Elizabeth described as the longest and worst days of her young life. It was like a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs in which they all had to band together and be strong. The post coma news was not good and they were told he had suffered a catastrophic brain injury (Doctors exact words). They were told that the Wesley they knew was gone and would never be the same. However, they serve a mighty God who says that all things are possible to those who believe.

Elizabeth never left his bedside the whole time and practically lived at the hospital. She would sing to him, read the bible to him, and just talk to him hoping he would hear her. When she heard the news that his eyes had opened she could barely hold back her tears. Waking up from a coma isn’t like in the movies she said… it’s a very slow and drawn out process. It wasn’t until a month later that Wes said his first words. A month after that he stood up, and the next month he was able to move himself into a wheelchair and was able to use a walker. Little by little Wes was starting over and was being reborn before her eyes.

Present day Wes can now walk, run, cook and even do some carpentry work. He recently rode his bike for the first time and he’s relearning new things daily. It’s gonna take time but he has far exceeded the Dr’s prognosis and is well on his way to living out his dreams.

Elizabeth says he is still the same man she fell in love with, but he has a new appreciation and perspective on life. Even though it has been a really rough road it has strengthened their relationship in so many ways. Wes has a determination that is second to none and Elizebeth has seen strength and courage within herself that she didn’t even know she had. They have also seen major growth in their relationship with God and are confident they can truly depend on Him for anything and cast all of their anxieties on Him. She said that marriage at this time wouldn’t be ideal for most people but she couldn’t imagine another day without him and she’s ready to become Wesley Hummel’s wife. πŸ™‚

Wow! How crazy and amazing is that?? We can’t even begin to imagine all they’ve been through but we witnessed first hand a love that you just don’t often come across. To see these two together has truly been a blessing and encouragement to us. They are so tender and compassionate with each other and serve one another continually. Elizabeth had nothing but love, grace and patience as she tenderly cared for Wes’ needs and comfort during the shoot. And Wes was equally filled with love, an excitement for life (& Elizabeth) and a true humility that many men could take lessons from.

We are super excited you guys came into our life and we can’t wait to celebrate your wedding with you! Thank you so much for being so open to share your story with us even though retelling it we’re certain is still difficult.

you are loved!
Shane & Jenny

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