A Few Favourites from 2014! | Reed Photography

11554IMG_9754IMG_9040IMG_0060IMG_0924 copyIMG_1870 2299IMG_5611353IMG_582622IMG_6447IMG_9079 2254IMG_9807382IMG_9940 copyIMG_3741IMG_3099341IMG_1211 copy297IMG_9460285 IMG_67475IMG_9225IMG_1051IMG_5871400376IMG_0116365NL3_76753602982862792675235IMG_59042456243394IMG_594818017114170IMG_5934162154149147IMG_6695146IMG_9888213136122 copy36104567712259575311315050 copy494646 copy251444238b3839533246724 copy1726216\ 138273Reedcc2014squrecompleteblogA few favourites from 2014.  Well it’s hard to believe that we’re at the end of another year already.  Not sure where 2014 went??  …but it sure was a busy one.  We had a superb time capturing so many weddings, engagements, and family shoots this year.  It’s always so hard to pick our personal favs from the plethora of shots, but here are a few of them.  Thanks again to everyone who supported us and trusted us this year with their memories.  It means a ton to us, and we’re thankful for you and to be able to do something we love for a living.  We’ve eliminated pics of our kids and personal work from this year end post because we had to narrow it down so the post would actually load.  Hope you enjoyed a few favourites from 2014! You are loved! The Reeds

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