Couples Session Niagara | Alan + Natalie

Couples Session

For this couples session, we arrived to meet these two at a local winery near Rockway Glen Gorge. (amazing spot to hike by the way) We debated whether to take their photos at the winery or head up the road to the gorge and hike in the woods. Upon meeting these two beauties we decided to stay at the winery, however we didn’t use the typical spots that most people choose. You know, covered bridges, wishing wells, fountains etc… Ew! We took them out back to a field filled with junk. Yep, old transport trailers, vintage trailers, big metal containers, and an old rusty car. Match all that with two people madly in love and a setting sun, and you have pure magic. We had a blast with these two and ended our session on a country road with a massive wheat field.

You two are loved, and thank you for choosing us!
Shane + Jenny

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