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Port Dalhousie Engagement | Mike + Amanda

Port Dalhousie Engagement

Mike and Amanda had their first date at this specific Balzac’s in Port Dalhousie (St. Catharines) which made it a no-brainer to have their engagement shoot there.  This particular day was pretty dang cold so we were totally down with having an indoor shoot in such a warm and aromatic environment.  Mmmm… Mmm…  Nothing like the smell of fresh coffee, right?  These two are cute, quirky and cool.  It was such a pleasure to spend time with them at this unique little coffee shop engagement session.  On another note… Let’s just say that standing on a rickety wicker chair, holding an umbrella while trying to shoot one-handed in gale force winds is not recommended.  But, whatever it takes to get the shot, right?   At least you know Shane will go the extra mile for ya!  Thanks for picking a warmer day for your wedding Mike and Amanda!

One more thing…  If you need some killer wedding invitations, stationery, or graphic design for some other awesome event, Amanda is your girl.  She is super talented and can customize something for you that will literally blow your mind.  Check her out here at Invitations By Amanda

You are loved!
Shane + Jenny

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