Chuck Hughes @ Welland’s Niagara Food Festival

A short time ago we had the opportunity to photograph Chuck Hughes at the Niagara Food Festival in Welland, Ontario.  You may know him from his popular tv show Chuck’s Day Off, or perhaps his new series Chuck’s Week Off (which is awesome by the way).  He was also a contestant on season one of the Next Iron Chef last year on the Food Network.  If none of this rings a bell please come forth from under the rock and catch the next episode, you won’t be disappointed.  😉

Chuck was hilarious right from the get go.  He introduced himself and said “if you want to see me cook, watch my show because today I’m talking”.  And talk he did.  We have never laughed so much at a cooking demonstration, and this guy certainly has the gift to entertain.  What we enjoyed most is that Chuck is able to keep himself humbled despite his celebrity status, and is an all round nice guy who made time to genuinely interact with every person that approached him.

A special shout out to Deborah for having us out to photograph and meet Chuck.  Deborah is a board member of the Niagara Food Festival and owner of Epiphany Events & Design.  Planning an event?  Then look no further… seriously she is awesome!

Great to meet you Chuck!

Shane & Jenny

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